POV Cuckold Volume 56

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Approximate Running Time: 01:20:48
Released: 2019

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Your sizzling blonde stepdaughter discovers you've been watching a cuckold DVD, and she decides to turn your fantasy into a reality.

When you discover her lying naked in bed, she launches herself at your dick, sucking you until you give in.

When Zoey fucks you, you think you're the luckiest stepdad in the world. Then she locks your dick in chastity, refusing to release you until you give her everything she desired.

She returns from a date with loads of thick semen dripping from her pussy. You have no choice but to kneel and lick it all out of her.

Zoey brings her boyfriend home and makes you to watch as they fuck. They cum repeatedly. Eventually, she lies back and orders you to suck the still hot creampie from her pussy.

After sitting on your face, she releases you from chastity. She sucks and slaps your cock until finally promising to lock you up again

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Clip 2 - 55 mins 27 secs

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Cast & Stars: POV Cuckold Volume 56

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