Teens & Tiroler Sex 2

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Approximate Running Time: 01:36:56
Released: 2017

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Nikki Dream is doing what most Tyrolleans do when it’s berry season. They hit the open outdoors and pick berries. This teen is doing just that when two guys come along and get her attention. She in turn gets theirs by bending over in her short skirt. Then there’s also the cleavage that these two guys can’t seem to get enough of. The open outdoors is the place where all three of these people get down and dirty. A blowjob is what kicks things off and from there it’s pure hardcore. No guy can refuse to fuck a hot Austrian babe like Nikki Dream. The dick sucking got their attention and her tight teen pussy was the source of their satisfaction. Chalk it up to just another day in Tirol where the berries are fresh, the girls are hot, and the lucky guys get to enjoy all three!

Karol Lilien is a teen making the most out of a sunny day in the mountains. She knows just how rare days like these are. The first thing this blonde teen babe does is, bathe herself in the sun. All the important parts of her body get drenched in much needed sunlight. The fun this girl has certainly doesn’t end there. No one knows just how cold it can get during the winter months in the mountains like she does. That’s why, she’s making the most out of this warm sunny day, by playing with herself outside. The yellow dildo she has is what her pussy is craving. It also happens to be something she’s highly skilled at using. They say practice makes perfect and the orgasm she has proves it.

Anabelle and Moran are two teens that believe in the age old tradition of baking your own bread. A big mess is what they really make. What starts out as a mess ends up being more like a food fight. Both of these girls throw flour on each other and all kinds of stuff. The desire to bake bread is soon taken over with pure lust. Sure, they’re just having some fun playing with food. All that doesn’t stop them from also getting worked up as well. Horny teens like these will use any excuse to get a taste of the pussy they crave. Seeing beautiful teen girls work in the kitchen and lick there is a feast for the eyes in every way possible.

It’s a perfect day for a teen to enjoy some swinging. The sun is bright, the birds are singing, and Cayla’s pussy is super wet. Cayla spent all day long thinking about this boy at class she wants to fuck. Now, she can’t take it any more. Those thoughts have gotten the best of her. She thought swinging would be able to free her of the dirty thoughts. Clearly, this blonde haired beauty was totally wrong. At least she can go behind this tree and play with her excited pussy. No one will be able to see what she’s doing there. This is exactly what happens when a teen girl is filled with lust to the boiling point. The only way to release it, is through an orgasm brought on by rubbing her excited pussy.

Morgan has been under so much stress lately. The last straw was the note she found on the table. She’s going to snap at any moment and it’s not good. Morgan needs to find a way to calm herself down. How can she do it? She’s got a makeup brush in her hand. It kind of feels like her ex-boyfriend’s penis. Playing with her perky tits seals the deal. Now she’s got to play with herself. Using the brush to stimulate her clit feels so good. It’s the perfect size to tickle her tingling clit. It even feels good inside her pussy. Banging her pussy and rubbing the clit both feel so nice. The moment she has an orgasm is when all her troubles are forgotten. Now she’s able to focus on the things that teens care about. Like calling her friends and putting on makeup.

What does a pretzel gets you? If you’re a friend of Cayla, it gets you laid. This teen is a carbohydrate hungry blonde that needs a refill real bad. It’s either that or she just needed an excuse to fuck a guy. Either way, it really doesn’t matter. The blowjob to kick all this off is steaming hot. A blowjob from a girl like her while outside is a dream come true for any teen lover out there. This is just the beginning and this lucky guy’s taste buds are treated with the taste of wet teen pussy. You know he had to love every lick of her tender pink slit. After all that, then the fucking begins. They do it in several positions and end up settling for missionary. Just when things are as intense as they can get, he busts his nut all over her teen tummy.

Busty teen Anabelle is sick and tired of doing chores all day. She wants to come inside where it’s warm and dry. While there, she can also play with herself. It’s something she’s been wanting to do all day long. The wet and dreary day outside is as good of an excuse as any to come in and masturbate.

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Cast & Stars: Teens & Tiroler Sex 2

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