Mean Cuckold POV 4






Approximate Running Time: 01:58:31
Released: 2018

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Your boss is the biggest jerk in the world. He spends your entire performance review yelling at you and telling you how worthless you are. Then he makes you bring in your wife so he can fuck her and front of you and cuckold you… She loves humiliating you so she is happy to help out! HOT ALPHA COUPLE CUCKOLD SCENE!!!!

Description: Your girl Ana tells you that her ex-boyfriend is coming over to say hello. She tells you not to worry.. they are just friends. But when he arrives, he is rude to you and brags about how much money he has compared to you. She tells you that he has a bigger cock than you and way more money, and she decides to fuck him and make you her cuckold! They both laugh at you as this bully fucks your girl right in front of you. There’s nothing you can do about it , CUCK! HOT CUCKOLD BLOWJOB, FUCKING, SPH, AND MORE!

Your wife Cassandra starts by telling you how she has lost all respect for you since you lost your job. She reminds you that she was never attracted to you because of your small cock. She calls you a loser and completely degrades you. Then she tells you that she met a new sugar daddy. She tells you how great he is and how much she loves fucking him. Then she tells you that he is coming over and wants to meet you. You want to tell her no, but you don't want her to divorce you so you just meekly nod your head and agree with her. Her new sugar daddy enters, and it turns out he is a complete jerk. He tells you that he will give her enough money to pay this month's rent, but only if you watch your wife give him a blowjob. It gives him great pleasure knowing that you are too much of a loser to stop him. It makes him really happy knowing that it hurts you to see your wife with another man. You agree, thinking its only going to be a blowjob, but as she is sucking his cock, she taunts you and reminds you how small your cock is! Both of them treat you like dirt... then she climbs on top and starts fucking him!! She cruelly looks back at you and tells you what a pathetic loser you are while he laughs at you and shoots the finger at you. Your face flushes red with shame as your wife moans with pleasure. He fucks your wife in numerous positions while they both laugh and taunt you... and in the end he blows a big load on your wife's tits... she gives you the rent money, but only after she WIPES HIS CUM ALL OVER IT... HOW INCREDIBLY HUMILIATING!!!

Its your anniversary and you planned a big night for you and your wife. Your Russian wife Kayla is one of the most beautiful women on the planet and you are madly in love with her. But when she comes home, she tells you she forgot all about it. She takes the present you bought for her and casually tosses it aside.. she tells you that she doesn't consider your marriage to be important because of your small cock. You are not a real man... you are worthless. She tells you that she has a boyfriend now and that he has a huge cock. She calls you a pig and tells you that you are only good for licking her feet. She tells you that you will lick her ass and pussy before she fucks her boyfriend on your anniversary. She spreads her ass and sits on your face and you are humiliated as you realize that you will do anything to keep your wife happy. She makes you lick her dirty feet as she makes you tell her you wish you were a real man. In the end, she makes you jerk off while she plays with her pussy. HOT CLIP... KAYLA GREEN IS WORTH OF BEING A FASHION MODEL!!

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Cast & Stars: Mean Cuckold POV 4

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