Suspended And Pegged

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I suspend My slave in a position to where his ass is presented to me perfectly for the taking. First by an electro plug to kick start the mood, the electricity buzzes, and pulses, even thrusts in and out with the current. I then intend to warm the cheeks with a suede quirt until they are nice and rosy. My boy cries out an inappropriate word and the rosy cheeks become stripped and welted as I make him count the lashes with the appropriate response of "Thank You, Ma'am"! A striped ass is so much more delectable anyway :)...Finally, several different camera angles catch the action as My thrusting strap on plows into him over and over while he is helplessly hanging. I take My time with many strokes, making sure he feels every inch...

he is well aware that his ass belongs to Me.

Clip 1 - 18 mins 52 secs

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Cast & Stars: Suspended And Pegged

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