For Your Own Good Part 1






Approximate Running Time: 00:55:29
Released: 2019

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Kristen Scott is being dragged by her step-mother into a vacant room. She's being punished for running away. Her step-mother, Missa, brings in Kristen's step-brother, Zac Wild, to soothe her. He always could handle her wild behavior. Zac looks at the wild scene unfolding, he's always felt like he's had to take care of his over-emotional mother and his stepsister, and it's been like that even when his stepdad was in the picture.

After diffusing the situation, Zac gets a visit from his girlfriend, Mona. Mona doesn't understand why Zac is so secretive about his family. She and Zac made love for the very first time last week and he has been avoiding her ever since. Zac tries his best to soothe Mona. He doesn't want to lose her. They make love a second time and Zac once again rushes her out the door afterwards when his sister begins to scream.

Clip 1 - 55 mins 29 secs

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Cast & Stars: For Your Own Good Part 1

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