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My New Caregiver Olivia

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Approximate Running Time: 01:09:02
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The old man can not keep caregivers for some reason. He usually gets really young ones and they get tired of the 86 year old guy trying to get them to have sex with him. He advertised for an older women and 37 year old Olivia applied. Of course as soon as she showed up he started putting some moves on her. She resisted at first but soon realized that the old guy was not going to stop and she really needed the job. She let him kiss her and reach under her dress and play with her ass. WTF, she did not have any panties on. What kind of girl did he hire? He puts her on the kitchen table and has her play with her pussy, she has a very nice climax playing with that pretty pussy. After she cums she gets between the old man’s legs and sucks on his soft, small cock. The old guy is in heaven. He takes her into the bedroom and has her suck on his cock some more. She is really a good cocksucker, really good! They soon end up in a 69 position with her sucking on his cock and he licking her pussy. OMG, she has a sweet tasting pussy. About the only way the old guy can cum is rubbing his semi hard cock on a girls asscheeks so away he goes. In a few short minutes he shoots a load of hot cum her her ass. This caregiver may be a keeper.
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Cast & Stars: My New Caregiver Olivia

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