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She's My Daddy






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Alina Lopez is part of a non-traditional family, her step-mom Cherie married her father after her mother passed away and then a few years later her father passed away and Cherie got married to Sarah, who she now calls her daddy. Just because her daddy is a girl doesn’t mean she lets her get away with anything, and when she gets caught she gets spankings. She enters her parents’ room after being called there because there’s an issue. Sarah says that Cherie got a call from Alina’s classes and they said that she’s been skipping class for over a week. Alina says that it was only PE, she hates PE, but that doesn’t make Sarah any less disappointed in her. Alina’s going to have to be punished and her daddy thinks a spanking and getting grounded will do the trick. Alina lays across Sarah’s lap as her daddy gently lifts up her dress to expose her white cotton panties and perfectly toned ass. As the spanking progresses Sarah notices a change in the moans coming from her step-daughter and asks to speak with Cherie in the hall. Sarah thinks that now is the time to have “The Sex Talk” with their daughter. They head back into the bedroom and join Alina on the bed to let her know that they need to talk about the birds and the bees. Alina cuts them off and tells them they don’t have to worry about that because she’s a lesbian, she’s not going to get pregnant. Her parents think that’s great, but they still feel like they need to guide her and show her how things happen. Alina asks if they’re sure that’s a good idea to which they reply “It’s the BEST idea” and then start their lesson.

Carolina Sweets is into bad girls and recently met Angela on a dating site. Angela’s aggressive and forceful, exactly what Carolina has been looking for, and she even makes Carolina call her “Daddy”. Angela tells Carolina that she has something special in store for her today so Carolina takes this opportunity to show “Daddy” what a good little girl she can be for her. She gets dressed up in a pretty dress and high heels then makes her way outside to wait for Angela to pick her up so they can head back to her place. Once they get to the bedroom Angela tells Carolina that’s she’s been such a good girl and has followed all of Daddy’s rules so she’s earned her surprise. Carolina notices a bulge in the front of Angela’s jeans and reaches out to touch it. It’s so big and hard, Carolina can’t contain her excitement as Angela tells her to show her how much of a good girl she can really be.

Lesbian couple Chanel Preston and Tiffany Watson are relaxing on the couch reading magazines when Tiffany shares one of the articles with Chanel. The article is named “Call your man daddy and watch your sex life explode” and the girls joke about how hetero couples play those fantasies out.Chanel thinks about it more and starts to get it though, the daddy provides for his girl and takes care of them so she understands. Tiffany agrees and says that Chanel is basically her daddy since she helped her finish nursing class and takes care of her. Chanel affirms that she IS Tiffany's daddy and tells her little girl that she needs to be a good girl and take care of daddy so daddy can in turn take care of her.By the looks of how much Chanel seems to be enjoying being called daddy, these two will be daddy/daughter role playing much more in the future.

Adria Rae gets whatever she wants from her sugar daddy Abigail. From purses cars and shoes to luxurious vacations she gets it all. They're just getting back from a trip and Adria feels now is the right time to thank Abigail for everything.

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