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Mommy's Daughter 4






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Nearly Caught Coming For A Visit: When London River sent her step-daughter off to college she expected Alina to be bringing home a boyfriend she had to worry about but Alina says she has a girlfriend now. London thinks that it’s a little inappropriate, maybe she’s doing it to spite her and talks to her husband about what to do about it.

Alina overhears everything so she knows her step-mom is going to have a talk with her about her sexuality after they all go out to lunch. When they get back from eating her dad is passed out and London takes this opportunity to have a chat with Alina.

They sit on the couch and London starts to talk but Alina interrupts her, she knows what this is about. Alina explains that London has it all wrong, girls are so much more fun to date than guys, they smell so much better than men and everything just feels better.

Alina thinks that the only way London is going t o understand is if she tries it out herself but London is completely against it, it’s inappropriate. Alina continues her advances until she finally just pulls London’s breasts out on the couch and then her own. Her dad is still passed out in the kitchen so they have to be quiet so they don’t get caught.

Nearly Caught on My Honeymoon: Jane Wilde was hoping to have a fairytale wedding, but it turned out to be nothing less than a nightmare. First, her bridesmaid got sick during the wedding then her new sister-in-law spent the whole reception stumbling and bumping into people before passing out on the dance floor.

The last straw was when her new husband decided that their honeymoon was just going to be them going to her new mother-in-law’s vacation rental. It’s not Jane’s idea of a romantic getaway, coupled with the fact that her husband won’t stop working and get off the phone for one second, she’s hoping it can only get better from here.

Jane’s new mother-in-law, Dana, welcomes them to the house and gives them a tour before bringing them to the guest room they’ll be staying in. Her new husband walks right past her into the room while Dana and Jane talk about how he’s a workaholic. Once they get settled in, Jane puts on sexy clothes for her husband so they can consulate their marriage but once again, he gets a business call.

The next morning Dana has breakfast ready when her son comes down but he’s still working as usual and heads outside to the balcony so Dana decides she should check on Jane. Dana sneaks into the bedroom while Jane’s napping and figures if her son isn’t going to take care of his new wife, she’s going to have to do it herself.

Therapy Appointment: When Paige Owens finishes getting her license to be a therapist her father suggests that her first client be her step-mother Brandi. Brandi’s hesitant though, she’s not sure that it’s a good idea to tell all of her issues and problems to her step-daughter.

Brandi decides that she’s going to have a little fun with this session, she’s going to tell Paige all of her naughty sexual secrets and issues with her father to make Paige just as uncomfortable as she is.

When they get to the house Paige answers the door and hugs her father before noticing that Brandi recently got new breast implants. Paige makes a comment to Brandi about them as they head to the couch for their session while her father heads upstairs to relax.

Paige starts the session telling Brandi that she wants her to be as comfortable as possible but Brandi’s still reluctant to open up to her. She starts with her normal opening questions but again, Brandi gives her short answers and tells her that she might have issues but she’s not telling them to Paige.

Paige decides that she’s going to have to try something different to get her step-mother to open up. She’s not sure if it's going to work, but it’s worth a shot.

First Time Home Buyer: Alan and Adira are newly married and are looking for a home to make their own. Thankfully, Alan’s mother Ivy is a realtor so she helps them with the search to help alleviate some of the stress. They think the house they’re looking at today is going to “the one” so Alan heads out to buy a grill for the celebration they’re going to have later that evening while Ivy gives Adira the tour.

After the tour Ivy and Adira sit on the couch to go over all the details. Ivy says that she has the paperwork ready to go if they want to get everything started but Adira seems a bit hesitant. After some prodding, Adira comes clean to Ivy that her step-mother, Dee, is also a realtor and she and Alan already talked to her about buying the house from her.

Ivy doesn’t take this news lightly, she’s shocked that they would do this to her but offers to sweeten the deal with whatever Adira wants. Dee arrives and after meeting Ivy she decides to give Adira a proper tour of the house. They finish up in the second living room where Dee explains to Adira that although she really likes the house, she should get an inspection before buying it.

When Ivy hears this she tells Adira that there’s no need for an inspection, it’s a new house and everything is new so she should save some money and spend it on herself. Dee objects to this and both mothers start bickering over the proper way to sell a house. Adira thought this was going to go a lot smoother but she thinks she has a way to bring both families closer.

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