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Mother-Daughter Exchange Club 61






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Moms and their daughters mix with other romance-minded mom-daughter pairs when they join the Mother-Daughter Exchange Club. They join each other in the bedrooms and have themselves a little get together of their own. As some of these daughters are nervous, sensual pussy licking gets them into the swing of things.
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Clip 1 - 44 mins 36 secs

Mother-Daughter Exchange Club 61 Clip 1 00:14:00
Mother-Daughter Exchange Club 61 Clip 1 00:20:00
Mother-Daughter Exchange Club 61 Clip 1 00:28:40
Mother-Daughter Exchange Club 61 Clip 1 00:36:40
Mother-Daughter Exchange Club 61 Clip 1 00:43:00
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Clip 2 - 37 mins 59 secs

Mother-Daughter Exchange Club 61 Clip 2 00:46:20
Mother-Daughter Exchange Club 61 Clip 2 00:54:20
Mother-Daughter Exchange Club 61 Clip 2 00:55:20
Mother-Daughter Exchange Club 61 Clip 2 01:05:00
Mother-Daughter Exchange Club 61 Clip 2 01:21:40
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Clip 3 - 39 mins 24 secs

Mother-Daughter Exchange Club 61 Clip 3 01:28:20
Mother-Daughter Exchange Club 61 Clip 3 01:37:20
Mother-Daughter Exchange Club 61 Clip 3 01:42:20
Mother-Daughter Exchange Club 61 Clip 3 01:55:20
Mother-Daughter Exchange Club 61 Clip 3 02:00:60
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Clip 4 - 46 mins 43 secs

Mother-Daughter Exchange Club 61 Clip 4 02:09:00
Mother-Daughter Exchange Club 61 Clip 4 02:19:20
Mother-Daughter Exchange Club 61 Clip 4 02:30:40
Mother-Daughter Exchange Club 61 Clip 4 02:37:40
Mother-Daughter Exchange Club 61 Clip 4 02:43:00
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Comments on Mother-Daughter Exchange Club 61

BenG says:
Would love to see more threesomes in future scenes .
JL says:
The reason that I no longer purchase and watch anything made by GirlFriend Film is that they always seem to follow the same pattern in lesbian so-called love-making. The fore-play is dragged out so very long just to add length to the sex scenes. Phase one The women kiss passionately. Phase two One of the women starts kissing the other's breasts. Phase three The other woman starts kissing the other woman's breasts. Phase four The women always get completely naked. They remove their sexy clothing, their sexy lingerie, even sexy nylon stockings if they wear them at all, and end up completely naked looking like erery other lesbian sex scene that GirlFriend Films produces. I know there are exceptions to these rules, they are few and far between. One thing in almost all of these sex scenes that really turns me off is how one of the women will start to go down on the other woman and then stop and go back to either kissing her breasts of her mouth. She will do this enough times that it gives one the impression that eating pussy is the last thing in this world that she wants to do. This is just one big turn-off and yet they repeat this formula in just about everything that they produce. GirlFriend Films productions will turn-on teenagers and others that lack sophistication. If they want to hold onto customers such as me, they will have to come up with new formulas that add some spice and are not so boring.
afefae says:
Rubbish! Complete garbage!!!!!!!!!!
feelhose says:
But it's weirdly terrible. Like they produced a film to show how not to do it...but accidently released it. Surely someone at GFF looks at this...looks at back catalogue...and sees there may be a problem...even the actresses must be thinking OMG.
DeepKissLover says:
TOTAL DISASTER! Bring back the director Dan O' Connell. Bring back passionate lesbian scenes. THIS IS GARBAGE!
jimsnuffysmith says:
What ever happened to foreplay? There needs to be more sexy dialogue.... what a disappointment.
TheOldDays says:
No comparison to Part 10 of this series, to take one example. Seems a long time since a movie had a genuinely exciting seduction fore play sequence.
DeepKissLover says:
Another terrible release by GF Films! Why do you people keep booking Percy Sires?? She has been awful in all her scenes. Great to see Courtney Taylor back but she is wasted with Percy. Then we have Lauren Phillips. Lauren is too passive, she has no passion at all. Needs to stop teasing so much. Silvia Saige is overrated. She doesn't do anything for me. You need new MILFs. There are many available. Only Syren DeMer and Sera Ryder delivered a good scene, ruined by kink stuff at the start and bad editing at the end Editors - you should never cut off hot kissing like that.
JimS says:
P.S. I meant to say Percy Sires. I would love to see Syren DeMer paired again with Percy, or someone similar, in a scene like Syren did with Sensi Pearl in 'Poor Little Shyla' a few years back.
JimS says:
'DryHumpEnthusiast', you'll be pleased to hear you're not the only one who likes dry humping and is disappointed with GFF. Lots of us still pay to view their films because of what they've produced in the past based on realism. GFF can do what they want but why do they seem to carry on pretending they haven't changed? I didn't think this release was bad, but...you've got a sexy milf like Lauren Phillips...she should've been sensuously paired with Percy Shires. No offence to Jenna, but her and Lauren didn't seem to be a good pairing. A great pairing is Syren and Sera...but where's the realism? Where's the build up and sensuality? Doesn't have to be a complicated storyline, MDEC is a good premise to work on, but make it believable! Please.
judge101 says:
I want a refund.
denita69 says:
Yah seems no one of any interest wants to work for GFF anymore.Its to bad as at one time they were the studio to go to for lesbian porn.
Ukrainian says:
The job of a porn star is to get naked as quickly as possible, something these whores do perfectly. My only disappointment here is that Syren didn't get fully unclothed. The rest were awesome!
feelhose says:
Still pretty awful release. Scene 3 was OK but the actingdialogue was weird. It's like there is no casting or director, and random people just turn up. Just compare it to other releases in this series in back catalogue.
Ukrainian says:
It is refreshing to see the fat ass of Percy Sires in hot lezbo action once more!
DryHumpEnthusiast says:
Oh here we go again.... Another 2 weeks of waiting for absolute dissapointment. I can already tell from the thumbnail images that this film is just another "rush to get the girls nude so they can do nothing but hardcore action for the next 40 minutes" I mean for fucks sake, Foreplay and actual slow and passionate seductions are an extinct, non existing art form for this studio. I really just shouldnt even bother looking at GFF's page anymore thinking I might even get to see 5 minutes of dry humping out of 3 hours of film. I mean, Its kinda sad to wait for weeks on end and on the day they release a new film, I can already tell just by looking at the 4 fucking preview images for each scene, that this will be yet another release with 0 ZERO 0 dry humping at all. Lesbian Dry humping in yoga pants silky clothes is such a rarely filmed thing these days, I am lucky to see 1 video out of 10000 that contains even 2 minutes of this fetish out of all the lesbain studios on the internet. I really hope someone gets this message from GFF. I cant be the only one out there whose fetish is lesbian dry humping. Anyway sorry for the long rant people, just another lousy week waiting for the day that will never come....

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