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Women Seeking Women 180






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Beautiful woman to woman sex which is sure to excite you! Four unique stories of women in search of passion and lesbian sex. Restless hearts searching for that one perfect woman! Soft caresses, passionate kisses and tender lovemaking is in the stars for these beautiful women!
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Clip 1 - 41 mins 3 secs

Women Seeking Women 180 Clip 1 00:04:00
Women Seeking Women 180 Clip 1 00:16:40
Women Seeking Women 180 Clip 1 00:21:00
Women Seeking Women 180 Clip 1 00:24:40
Women Seeking Women 180 Clip 1 00:34:20
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Clip 2 - 40 mins 20 secs

Women Seeking Women 180 Clip 2 00:47:40
Women Seeking Women 180 Clip 2 00:55:20
Women Seeking Women 180 Clip 2 01:02:00
Women Seeking Women 180 Clip 2 01:05:00
Women Seeking Women 180 Clip 2 01:11:00
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Clip 3 - 41 mins 47 secs

Women Seeking Women 180 Clip 3 01:26:00
Women Seeking Women 180 Clip 3 01:40:20
Women Seeking Women 180 Clip 3 01:46:00
Women Seeking Women 180 Clip 3 01:57:00
Women Seeking Women 180 Clip 3 02:00:60
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Clip 4 - 40 mins 49 secs

Women Seeking Women 180 Clip 4 02:07:40
Women Seeking Women 180 Clip 4 02:17:00
Women Seeking Women 180 Clip 4 02:21:40
Women Seeking Women 180 Clip 4 02:32:40
Women Seeking Women 180 Clip 4 02:37:40
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Comments on Women Seeking Women 180

smitty says:
Kayle Paige looks sixty
xenofon says:
There was a golden era between 2005-2015 that their exceptional filmaking, made every hot woman on this planet want to join their company. They were xxx stars making a comeback like Raylene, Keisha, Rayveness etc, they were 40 yo HOT newcomers to the industry like Persia Monir, Magdalene, Raquel Sieb, Mindy Minx etc, they were the most beautiful european perfomers like Anissa Kate, Anita Dark etc and all of the finest US ladies ever existed in the business like Yelena Jensen, April o'Neil, Sara Stone, Diamond Jackson, Evie Delatosso, Rane Revere, Faye Reagan etc PLUS their "own" stars like Nicole Moore, Heather Silk, Elexis etc.Of course -to be honest- almost all of the above have retired now BUT my point is that many of them stopped working with GFF long before they quit perforning. And that's happened cause your company stopped making GOOD movies.My bet is if you could just hire someone as Nica Noelle and let her direct AND make the scripts, your company would find it's lost "mojo" once again in a matter of months..
xenofon says:
Whoever remembes epic scenes like Persia's Monir with Jessi Palmer MDEC 10 - Scene 01 and Brea Bennett with Nicole Moore GIRLS IN WHITE 2 - Scene 4 can really relate to the downfall of this comp
JimS says:
An improvement on MDEC 61 - it was more realistic. First scene, however, it does seem a bit TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE that Aften Opal just so happens to instantly want lesbian sex from her bisexual seductress all a bit rushed. Scene 2, great, despite me not being a fan of Milf on Milf, but Kayla Paige surely not dressed like a teacher ?. Scene 3, curvy Charlotte Cross is HOT AS A SEDUCTRESS, storyline could be bit more credible, though. How about they're both lesbian or bi and CC just invites Alex Coal round after sensing some chemistry? Scene 4, these 2 hot together, olderyounger, but again the sex happens too easily, which makes it a bit too good to be true for Sophia West. Maybe Emma S could've made it clearer earlier that she wanted to be seduced by the older lesbian...before being invited round to her place. Sorry, I know this is not Hollywood, but my opinions are based on past GFF releases. But I like that the girls invite each other round, as in Lesbian Sex 23, and not just sex on the spot. Good release.
ElleKeener says:
DryHumpEnthusiast, I see you make the same comment on every release, so decided to chime in. I think kissmegirl and straplezz are the websites you should be looking at.
Burrrrr says:
with that said i thought some of the scenes here were better than theyve been recently the 1st and 3rd scenes arent bad. jamie jett and aften opal have good chemistry
DeepKissLover says:
The scene with Kayla Paige and Sophia Deluxe is great. Lots of passion and hot kissing. That's what we need more of.
Burrrrr says:
I agree that the girls get naked way too fast. Obviously I dont mind naked women but where is the buildup? Where is the foreplay? Why go out of your way to write a script to make scenes seem realistic only to make the sex itself seem robotic and lifeless?
LesboLover says:
It's great to see Kayle Paige again
Ukrainian says:
This was awesome. Some of my favourite lezbo whores, Kayla, Emmy S, among them getting swiftly naked and feasting on pussy!
feelhose says:
Girls turn upScript made up in a minuteTake clothes offPornThe end. Alex Coal Charlotte Cross kind of had sex despite the direction and script otherwise like robots. Market forces in the end will force change.
DryHumpEnthusiast says:
How did I know their next release would include 0 minutes of dry humping, foreplay or any sensual grinding, scissoring, or tribbing with their clothes on for an extended period of time?? OH WAITTT!! I should have known!! It's GirlFriendNAKEDFilms! Dry humping in yoga pants or silky dresses, robes, or other sexy clothes, is a fetish that DOES NOT EXIST anymore in this studio!!! All this studio cares about now, is getting the girls naked and having hardcore action for 40 minutes straight. Its hilarious that they dress all the girls in skinny tight skirts, only to take them off 2 minutes after the scene starts... JUST START THE GIRLS NAKED AT THIS POINT FOR FUCKS SAKE!!! Not even 1 minute in this entire film captures the fetish that I enjoy most. But it's really not surprising anymore, its just so sad that lesbian dry humping videos are so fucking rare, and week after week this studio fails to incorporate other fetishes besides hardcore naked shit all the time. PLEASE AVOID THIS RELEASE AT ALL COSTS if your fetish is anything at all to do with foreplay.
chubs100 says:
So so so bad

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