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Kink Label






Studio: Deeper
Approximate Running Time: 02:49:49
Date Added: 2021-08-19
Released: 2021

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Four women pull strings to see their kinks through in these biting new tales from Deeper.com. Mila makes contact through a up rise window in her search for a man who will discipline her properly in Apt. 1698. Kenna is back with a new favorite sub and only needs the male counterpart to balance her in Fuckhole. Jill allows her sub to confess his transgressions before administering the rites to absolve them in Forgive Me. Blake is shown the game she’s unwittingly a part of when her partner’s ex girlfriend shows up unannounced in Skirt Scale. All wield their power with ease before succumbing completely to the feeling at hand.
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Clip 1 - 52 mins 48 secs

Kink Label Clip 1 00:11:40
Kink Label Clip 1 00:22:40
Kink Label Clip 1 00:33:40
Kink Label Clip 1 00:45:00
Kink Label Clip 1 00:49:20
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Clip 2 - 41 mins 31 secs

Kink Label Clip 2 01:05:00
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Kink Label Clip 2 01:29:40
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Kink Label Clip 3 01:41:40
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Kink Label Clip 3 02:10:40
Kink Label Clip 3 02:16:40
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Kink Label Clip 4 02:26:00
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Kink Label Clip 4 02:42:00
Kink Label Clip 4 02:48:00
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