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Lesbian Legal 20






Studio: Girlfriends Films
Approximate Running Time: 02:54:57
Date Added: 2021-09-04
Released: 2021

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These lesbians are hot, horny, legal and ready for drama. They are at their best when they suck, slurp, grope and play with each other until they reach a climactic ending that will have you blowing your load with them and begging for more!
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Clip 1 - 48 mins 2 secs

Lesbian Legal 20 Clip 1 00:13:40
Lesbian Legal 20 Clip 1 00:23:00
Lesbian Legal 20 Clip 1 00:33:00
Lesbian Legal 20 Clip 1 00:37:40
Lesbian Legal 20 Clip 1 00:45:20
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Clip 2 - 34 mins 11 secs

Lesbian Legal 20 Clip 2 00:51:00
Lesbian Legal 20 Clip 2 01:04:20
Lesbian Legal 20 Clip 2 01:09:20
Lesbian Legal 20 Clip 2 01:12:40
Lesbian Legal 20 Clip 2 01:15:20
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Clip 3 - 51 mins 44 secs

Lesbian Legal 20 Clip 3 01:35:20
Lesbian Legal 20 Clip 3 01:47:00
Lesbian Legal 20 Clip 3 01:53:00
Lesbian Legal 20 Clip 3 01:58:20
Lesbian Legal 20 Clip 3 02:02:20
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Clip 4 - 41 mins 0 secs

Lesbian Legal 20 Clip 4 02:17:40
Lesbian Legal 20 Clip 4 02:27:00
Lesbian Legal 20 Clip 4 02:34:40
Lesbian Legal 20 Clip 4 02:41:00
Lesbian Legal 20 Clip 4 02:48:20
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Comments on Lesbian Legal 20

DeepKisser1x says:
Scenes 1 and 3 are ruined by booking Aaliyah Love. Don't ever book this woman again! She is disgusting to watch. Doesn't open her mouth when she is kissing. Doesn't have passion. Stop booking her!!!!
JimS says:
DeepKisser1x, I completely agree about Anastasia Pierce and Kylie Rocket...a hot olderyounger match...please lets have more of these matches GFF. I would prefer the Kylie character to be a power-hungry bi-sexual character rather than a seemingly straight girl who didn't want to seduce Anastasia...and I would prefer the older confident lesbian to be more seductive and to know that the younger woman wanted the power and the sex...I'd never get sick of scenarios like that as long as it was believable and not just sex at the drop of a hat...no need to try and be original and then complicate things...Olive Glass should be paired with younger pretty women...as should Brandi Love, Dee Williams again, Syren De Mer again, Charlotte Cross, Sophia West and the other milfs who have appeared. I'd like to see Emma Starletto, Aften Opal, Alyx Star etc as the pretty and confident seducees...
DeepKisser1x says:
Anastasia Pierce and Kylie Rocket delivered a great scene. Kissing was amazing. So glad to have Anastasia back.
ThreesCompanyFan says:
Please more of Jasmin Wilde. She's gorgeous.
jdc911 says:
GFF has certainly lost a bit of what made the brand so special in the beginning, but that's no reason to throw shade at ANY of the actressesmodels. The job they do for us is not easy under the best circumstances. I for one, am grateful for all the wonderful people who put themselves on the line, and on the screen for us. That said, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a return to the grittier material of GFF's younger days.
SereneSiren says:
I absolutely loved this scene with Jasmine Wilde! I thought she did a great job, especially for it being her first GG. Thank you for noticing that we put in a passionate performance with nice chemistry.
Review says:
lol....the consensus is in. BSkow sucks as a director! Thankfully, performers like Jasmine Wilde and Serene Siren give a great performance despite the director. If this was Hollywood, I would think BSkow has some juicy blackmail that allows him to keep directing...lol.
Mole1 says:
Loved jasmine giving ohhh fuck when enjoying being kissed and licked all over
feelhose says:
Jasmine Wilde scene with Serene Siren was good, despite directors. Jasmine was a good performer. Kind of small improvements, occasional good scene.
Ukrainian says:
It's nice to see Aaliyah Love shining for GFF in her naked glory!
SamanthaJames says:
Aaliyah Love is a terrible performer! She has no passion. Awful kisser. Why the hell is she back? The producer and director BSkow is a total idiot. The guy doesn't know what he is doing. This is pathetic.

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