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My Mother The Cam Star





Studio: MissaX
Approximate Running Time: 00:55:32
Date Added: 2022-05-28
Released: 2021

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Stepmother, Michelle (Penny Barber), is seen getting ready for cam in a black robe. As she goes live her stepson Billy (Chad Alva) is outside in his car and talking to his girlfriend on his phone about Penny. She is working the room and undressing as the tips come in. The money keeps rolling in and she ends up taking her bra off and that's when Billy walks in and catches her. He quickly leaves, not believing what he just saw, and she follows behind him after telling the chatroom she'll be right back. He wants to know why she is doing cam shows and she tells him that she needs the money because she was laid off and has a lot of bills. Billy thinks she is too good for camming but shuts that down right away and Billy leaves.

A few hours later and he comes back to apologize to her. They work things out but Penny wants his help to make up for the revenue she lost when he interrupted her before and she suggests that they do some play-acting on cam because her fans want her with a younger guy. He agrees and they log in together and the tips come rolling in immediately. The room wants them to kiss and they do as Billy whispers that it's OK and the tips keep rolling in. She then tells the room that they are going to take it slow because he's shy. They continue to put on a show and once Michelle's bra comes off, Billy starts to lick her nipples. The eroticism increases after they continue to put on a show but they can't take it anymore and they start making out for real as she grinds on him. This leads to her sliding down on him in cowgirl and then doggy. Her pussy gets super wet after she blows him and then even more so while going into missionary. Reverse cowgirl, missionary, and a creampie are seen before the show is over. Taboo talk.

Clip 1 - 55 mins 27 secs

My Mother The Cam Star Clip 1 00:03:00
My Mother The Cam Star Clip 1 00:19:20
My Mother The Cam Star Clip 1 00:29:40
My Mother The Cam Star Clip 1 00:38:40
My Mother The Cam Star Clip 1 00:43:20
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Cast & Stars: My Mother The Cam Star

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