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Misdeeds Box Cover
Studio: California Star Productions
Approximate Running Time: 00:56:00
Released: 2005

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Our two naughty young women are feeling mischievous today. On their way back to the church grounds one goads the other for a bit of fun. They decide to break into the nun's residence to uncover a ouija board. While demonstrating the board they are caught by a stern disciplinarian. She knows what to do with these disrespectful wards. She then commences with a hand spanking and sends them to their room. They are told they will receive more discipline tomorrow! And indeed they do, as once again their punishment begins the next day. They are strapped and paddled until their bare bottoms are turned a crimson red. Then they must see the headmaster for an even more dedicated spanking and caning. They will think twice about any future misdeeds!
Clip 1 - 7 mins 40 secs

Misdeeds Clip 1 00:02:20
Misdeeds Clip 1 00:03:00
Misdeeds Clip 1 00:03:20
Misdeeds Clip 1 00:03:40
Misdeeds Clip 1 00:07:20

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Clip 2 - 33 mins 20 secs

Misdeeds Clip 2 00:24:20
Misdeeds Clip 2 00:30:20
Misdeeds Clip 2 00:31:20
Misdeeds Clip 2 00:40:00
Misdeeds Clip 2 00:40:20

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Clip 3 - 15 mins 0 secs

Misdeeds Clip 3 00:43:20
Misdeeds Clip 3 00:43:40
Misdeeds Clip 3 00:45:20
Misdeeds Clip 3 00:52:40
Misdeeds Clip 3 00:55:20

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