Bound For Trouble

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Unless some surprises compromise the marquee, this looks like some solid action with nothing but distressed girls. Top girls, bottom girls and all kinds of bondage.

Sure enough, right to the first two on the couch, both topless, bound and gagged and some heavenly tits in the distance. This has hot movies for her potential. Girls feebly trying to untie each other are a delight to see. Pretty designer panties and the familiar toe tie.

Feet zoom shots and how delightfully desperate this pair is. Sexy panties and super tits on each. And one laying on the other's lap and they both moan and struggle together, nice scene.

Great zooms of "footsie", in the attempting to escape niche. Next, Eve and Odessa, caught trying to call for help on the phone. Secured to the stair railing, their blouses are open and some beaver shots can be seen.

Interesting tying arrangement here. Better left to the viewer but good aerial work with the set-ups. And, we have some handcuffs working in this one. Must be a new roll of duct tape as these pieces shine brightly.

No toe ties here, but plenty of foot interaction and arching of the arches. One girl has a like tattoo on the top of each foot, nice effect with the rest of the misery. Speaking of problems, a leggy trio comes next and they sexy with those crossed legs and high thighs. All are wearing mules.

Seems we have some unreported income but a cash business. Girl in the middle has a conscience attack and threatens to drop a dime to the IRS. Girls on either side of her take issue with some binds and gags and it's on.

This middle sandwich has humongous tits, hope we see them soon. Toe and tickle tease ensue as both girls tug on the little piggies. Prolonged zooms of this scene. The girls want to pimp out her feet? That's a concept.

They intend on decorating and accessorizing her feet, toes and nails and their submissive is ticklish, keep squirming. More actual verbal and lines in this short which is a nice change.

Dude speaks, off line, and it's time to go over the books and straighten out these accounting errors. Now, its two girls tied, with the free one topping from the middle. Payback's a bitch as she works over both sets of bound feet at once.

This is more girl-girl action in this genre. So, check another one in for the ladies who also enjoy this fare. Oh, and these two in a prison? Well, what is in store for Whitney and Becky.

Knelt, tied, gagged, roped and nude. Got our attention. These two try to free each other by mouth. Gag to gag and also mouth to tittie. Very exciting. Sitting on their feet, great asses on great feet. Great tits, too.

And tit rubbing just as dude ruins it but does have more ideas for getting them more flesh toned with each other. Kissing while gagged, that is a nice one. But where is Noelle and Nicolette? Snugged up, of course, both wearing blinding white bras.

Suspender belts too but they are in dire straits. Can't have too much verbal here and their cries for help are quenched with silver duct tape. Hose and toes and nice highlights of same. They are so pretty too.

Just like a classic car, they like them so much, they want to keep them for themselves and eat the loss. The neighbors are bitching about the paper walls and groaning, sounds like an orgy going on.

Super hose and toes shots. This should become a classic for damsels in distress, or undress, or both.
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