Cream Dreams

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Approximate Running Time: 00:49:22
Released: 1986

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What could make you harder than gorgeous Latina ex-professional cheerleader Olivia dressed only in a little cowgirl outfit hot and ready for your stick?? She pulls off her black man's shorts with her perfect toes and wants to get his HUGE cock in between her arches. She strips off her clothes to get him hot, exposing her big, round breasts but she never takes her feet off his huge black cock. This footjob is artwork, first filmed from underneath so you can see her soles and the underneath of her toes touching and teasing his cock and balls, then she lies on her back while he stands and she works his cock with her legs in the air. Her tan pinkish feet with immaculate French manicured toes looks incredible on his dark chocolate prick. She sits on a stool above him with her legs around his neck and her toes grabbing at his cock. She lays on her tummy and strokes him from behind, her arches are amazing and her toes hold his cock and rub it up and down making it grow to gigantic proportions! Finally she lays on her back and puts her feet in his lap to really work his cock with her feet. His cock is ready to explode now and dripping love juice all over her sexy soles, toes and high arches. She just strokes him harder and harder, you can see his hard cock, her amazing feet, her legs, her big titties and her shaved box, along with her beautiful face and dark eyes urging him to cum all over her hot size 8 feet! Finally he cums on her soles and she rubs the white cum all over her feet and all over his cock.. she isn't through with him yet!
Lorelei is an attractive older school teacher who is doing some at home tutoring. Tommy is a young boy who can't seem to concentrate on his lesson because his teacher keeps dangling her shoes in front of his face! She teases him and makes him smell her shoes and pantyhose, until he can't help but rip the pantyhose off her feet and start licking and sucking her neon green polished toes! All the toe sucking gets Lorelei hot and she strips off her clothes and his too. She wants to show Tommy just what she can do with her gorgeous feet! She is super tan, with tan feet and light pink soles. She wastes no time in wrapping her feet around his joystick and pumping up and down. He is hard as a rock in no time, his love for her feet is obvious! She rubs his cock good with her feet, then wraps her feet around it, holding it with her toes and begins to give him head! She sucks and slurps his cock while her fine feet hold him in place and she pulsates her toes on the shaft by squeezing and releasing, squeezing and releasing. When Tommy cums on her feet, it is a SUPER GUSHER that runs all over her toes almost to her ankles! Lorelei sits with her legs spread so you can see her pussy and perfect tits and lifts her own foot to her mouth and begins to lick and suck his cum off her feet and toes! Finally, miss teacher gives her student an A !
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Clip 2 - 16 mins 20 secs

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Clip 3 - 8 mins 25 secs

Stars: Lorelei | Tommy
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Clip 4 - 12 mins 7 secs

Stars: Lorelei | Tommy
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Cast & Stars: Cream Dreams

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