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Lust For Dracula: My First Lesbian Kiss Box Cover
Approximate Running Time: 00:05:28
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    Written & directed by Tony Marsiglia (Dr. Jekyll and Mistress Hyde), Dracula is a sexy, stylish re-interpretation of the classic Bram Stoker story that weaves a dark and tragic tale of madness, obsession, transformation and death.
    Mina Harker (Misty Mundae) isn't the happiest of Hollywood Hills wives - even though she's married to wealthy pharmaceuticals magnate Jonathan Harker (Julian Wells!). The repressed Mina longs for Jonathan's love and the happiness a child would bring them, yet the arrival of the beautiful and mysterious Dracula (Darian Caine) - seductive vampire servants at her side - will change their lives forever. Dracula offers Mina the sensual existence she so desperately craves - one that is immediately threatened by Mina's sister, Dr. Abigail Van Helsing (Shelly Jones). Van Helsing seeks to not only destroy the monstrous vampire but covet Mina's seemingly perfect life and husband Jonathan, too. As these troubled characters move ever closer toward their destinies and a final battle with Dracula, blood will be spilled, souls will be destroyed, and love will become undying.
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    Cast & Stars: Lust For Dracula: My First Lesbian Kiss

    Comments on Lust For Dracula: My First Lesbian Kiss

    Editor's Review

    I'm a big fan of vampires, so I've seen a lot of the blood-sucker smut on the site and had to spend some time seeking out something actually worth reviewing! After looking around, I found this short clip that is both sexy and stupid - two things I tend to love in my XXX.

    First, let me talk about Darian Caine and Misty Mundae. I'm going to admit that I didn't really look at their faces, but these girls have some tight little bodies! The scene is shot really well - it's slow, seductive and the natural lighting is great.

    Now, some of you may have noticed I said "natural lighting." I told you that this one was both sexy AND stupid. I am assuming these girls are vampires. They have blood around their mouths and it's a movie about Dracula. So, how is it then that these girls are screwing in the sunlight?? I blame the Twilight series for totally distorting vampire mythology to the point where this is acceptable. Those girls should have burst into flames - I've seen every buffy episode like three times and I know how these things work.

    If you enjoy a good laugh in the middle of a sex scene, you have to see, or rather hear, the best part. For some reason, the background track sounds like an ocean, and while one of the girls is getting fingered, she totally sounds like a seagull. I'm all for making lots of noise, but it's one of the most hilarious unintentional things I've seen in a porno in a while.

    I admit that I spent most of this review pointing out the ridiculous aspects of this one, but if this were playing at a bar with no sound, I would think it was super hot!