Trampleguy Returns!

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Trample guy and vinyl Queen have a long history together. He has been appearing under her heels since 1999, but this is only his second time in VQ's cockbox. Vinyl Queen prepares him for his harsh genital tease by trampling him in a variety of high heels, including two pairs of sling backs, strappy heels, & then her famous metal heels.

Fans of vinyl Queen and Trample guy will enjoy this video for its hard-core trampling and the way you can tell how much he's hurting! Trample guy is never quiet, but he really lets VQ know how much her heels are digging into him this time around. However, he is at his loudest when she pierces his scrotum with her needle heel. You won't want to miss that moment in trampling history!
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Cast & Stars: Trampleguy Returns!

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