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2007 AVN Award Nominee for Most Outrageous Sex Scene.

Follow the adventures as Allanah ... forgoes homework for a career in liberal arts! Meets new friends in LA! Handles a special delivery from Gia! Fucks a man pussy for the first time! Gets dominated and disciplined! Alanah Starr is super hot in this movie with hot sex and lots of funny bloopers and behind the scenes footage that you don't want to miss! A total of five scenes make this one hot hardcore feature. Also, don't miss Female 2 Male Transsexual superstar Buck Angel!! Chicks with dicks, and a guy with a pie, what more could you ask for? Enjoy!!
Clip 1 - 22 mins 57 secs

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Clip 2 - 20 mins 30 secs

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Clip 3 - 19 mins 7 secs

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Clip 4 - 21 mins 48 secs

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Editor's Review

If you don??(TM)t know Buck Angel, then you don??(TM)t know queer sex, and Big Boob Adventures presents a hot opportunity for you to brush up and rub off. Buck is the self-described "Man With A Pussy," first and only FTM (female-to-male) porn star, and has starred is such groundbreaking movies as Cirque Noir, by the gay porn giant, Titan Media. Alanah and Gia are an eye-wideningly gorgeous pair, with voluptuous tits, bangin??(TM) bodies and thick dicks to match. My favorite of the three scenes is Buck and Alanah??(TM)s "Surprise! Surprise!" After a photo shoot with Gia, Alanah decides to have a go at the sexy assistant Buck. A delicious moment of talk and tease ensues, and Alanah finally whispers, "I??(TM)m a chick with a dick." When beefy Buck returns with, "That ain??(TM)t nuthin??(TM). I??(TM)m a dude with a pussy" what follows is absolutely one of the hottest moments in GenderFuck porn - she sucks his engorged clit, he gags on her thick cock, and I moan and groan for more! See for yourself what Buck Angel, Gia Darling, Alanah Star and the newest crop of Transsexual porn makers do best: high-end, hardcore Trannyporn. -by I.M. Butch

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