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Dirty Cartoons Box Cover
Approximate Running Time: 00:37:12
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    Drawn with passion, inked with lust, "Dirty Cartoons" is the heart of Historic Erotica's XXX Vintage Cartoons. Each frame explodes with sexual energy as you view these 'Dirty Cartoons'! Back in a time when sex itself was taboo, these cartoons broke the barrier with its unbelievable twist on what was the norm. Each cartoon has its own unique style and carries its own weight in the world of erotic sex. It is like nothing you have ever experienced, these cartoons have been saved from becoming lost forever...taken from the vaults and restored for your viewing pleasure, 'Dirty Cartoons' is just that extra piece of Historic Erotica you must see...everything you have ever wanted in erotic cartoons is here and waiting to be taken home and treasured...A collection piece that is sure to stir your erotic imagination!
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