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Disciplined Housewives






Studio: California Star Productions
Approximate Running Time: 00:53:51
Released: 2006

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Sir Nik, an unorthodox marriage counselor, has several therapeutic visits lined up for today. His first is a wayward wife, ivy, who has strayed too far from her newly made marriage bed. Her husband must stand his ground and be assured that she will learn her lesson by feeling the heavy hand of Nik! Her spanking therapy begins first with a hand spanking. As her wooden paddle are also used, and she is sent home with a new found respect for matrimony and a sore and reddened bottom. Sir Nik's second visit is Tazma, a repeat offender. She strays again and again. And once again she receives the heavy hand of therapeutic spanking. One may be led to believe that she secretly enjoys the pain, though her screams reverberate across every molecule of the counselor's office! She too is given all forms of punishment against her pale bottom, which is soon turned a beet red. But he saves the best for last, as she is punished with thin numerous strands of resonant tree switches. He knows that with his final whack that it will only be a matter of time before she returns again...
Clip 1 - 19 mins 38 secs

Disciplined Housewives Clip 1 00:05:40
Disciplined Housewives Clip 1 00:08:00
Disciplined Housewives Clip 1 00:12:40
Disciplined Housewives Clip 1 00:20:00
Disciplined Housewives Clip 1 00:20:40

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Clip 2 - 33 mins 9 secs

Disciplined Housewives Clip 2 00:25:40
Disciplined Housewives Clip 2 00:29:40
Disciplined Housewives Clip 2 00:32:00
Disciplined Housewives Clip 2 00:33:40
Disciplined Housewives Clip 2 00:40:00

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Cast & Stars: Disciplined Housewives

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