Ivy Manor 1: The Beginning

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Approximate Running Time: 01:13:01
Released: 2000

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AVN Top 500 - For Jennifer McKenzie, a budding reporter for a local magazine, a chance to write a feature article turns out to be more than she bargains for. Stunning Mistress Isabella Sinclaire takes the young beauty, played by erotic bondage model Jewell Marceau, on a journey filled with slick latex, unique bondage and steamy adventures as they tour Ivy Manor. Part one of a ten part series.
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Cast & Stars: Ivy Manor 1: The Beginning

Comments on Ivy Manor 1: The Beginning

Editor's Review

See I warned you that that cute little pussy cat YouTube video put me in the mood for a little BDSM. Today I'm ready to get down and dirty with the ladies of GwenMedia and the first in their Ivy Manor series. It features Jewell Marceau, one of my favorite bondage models, so we're doubly sure to be in for an awesome treat!

Right off the bat it's easy to identify "Ivy Manor 1 as one of GwenMedia's earlier films. The ever lovely Jewell is looking a good few years younger than I remember her and they haven't perfected their mic system yet so the sound really needs to be revved up to hear the dialog. Other than that it's the usual fetish eye candy that I've come to expect, beautiful sets and elaborate scenes greet the viewer.

Things begin with a rather muscular gimp nurse and a milk enema for a struggling blond slave in purple while Jewell in her guise as intrepid young reported watches from the sidelines. After that Jewell is led into the first room where the most difficult subjects are kept and has an opportunity to get a little hands on with a bound and hooded slave who the Mistress says "can only breathe." This particular slave is in an interesting contraption that automatically tightens h corset whenever there's any slack.

After that Jewell is led to the Mistress' wardrobe where she's to discover the joys of latex for herself. Soon Jewell is incased in sexy latex and then the fun really begins. I get both my much needed whipping scene as we're treated to the site of Jewell striping and dressing and stripping again then slicking down with oil and - dressing yet again!

The whole movie is like a fetish dream. There's the plethora of wonderful toys filling every nook and the Mistress has slaves dressed as maids collared, hooded and covered in latex that jump to do her bidding in each and every room. At dinner two slave maids in black slip under the table and strip Jewell out of her latex panties so they can take care of her properly. "Ivy Manor 1 ends with Jewell's own training session.

It seems I'm always pleased with GwenMedia, they never seem to rush their stories that set up their scenes and the scenes are just a delight to watch even if you're not that into BDSM content. Their models whimper and moan in a wordless ecstasy that's easy to understand and the scene's rarely involve S/M play that leaves marks. The one down note I can find to "Ivy Manor 1 is that almost all the slaves are hooded constantly so you're never really treated to seeing their faces.

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