The Schoolmaster's Revenge

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The Schoolmaster's Revenge! Around the turn of the Century - specifically 1912 - finds two young girls both students caught cheating ready to receive punishment for their misdeeds. The mother of one of the girls is incensed and goes to speak to the teacher, what follows is shocking and a remarkable twist takes place.
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Cast & Stars: The Schoolmaster's Revenge

Comments on The Schoolmaster's Revenge

Editor's Review

"Little House on the Prairie, with spanking!"

If you don't have a penchant for petticoats yet, you probably will by the end of this movie. I'm serious! We're treated to so many views of dear pink cheeks peeking out thru ruffled undergarments, I'm starting to re-think the whole thong thing...

Set in 1912, in the rural town of Charlottesville, Virginia, The Schoolmaster's Revenge shows us two stern masters, two naughty little girls, and a headstrong older woman who relives some stinging memories while taking a tentative step towards future fulfillment.

The action begins in a school house that feels like Laura Ingles might pop her head in at any moment. Two young, pretty girls in dowdy period dresses sit silently penitent as their school teacher, the dashing Mr. Johnson, reams them for cheating. Though they apologize profusely, he doesn't want to hear it. As far as he's concerned, they have two choices:

a. expulsion
b. a good spanking till they see the error of their ways

The girls protest, "We can't! We're too old! We're 18 -- it's indecent!"

But Mr. Johnson doesn't wanna hear it. "When you cheat like 9 year olds, you deserve a spanking in my book!" He asks them to decide which option, and I don't think I'm spoiling anything if I tell you that they opt for the spanking, yay!

As Mr. Johnson sets up a straight-backed wooden chair, he explains that Susan -- the cheater -- will go first, because he feels it's even worse to be spanked second, due to the waiting & anticipation. He declares Julia, the sassier of the two, who allowed Susan to copy her answers and probably masterminded the whole thing, deserves the harsher punishment.

And so it begins! Julia stands at her desk while her friend commanded to step forward & lift her skirt. Their eyes widen in shock, but before long, Susan is tentatively peeling up her dress to reveal a long, ruffled white slip, with slender legs in black stockings & oxfords peeking out below. "Get over my knee!" he growls and pulls her across his lap.

He begins with light, rhythmic, bare-handed spanks, and Susan is so nervous she immediately begins crying and apologizing. Mr. Johnson is undeterred. He tells her to take her bloomers down, and although both girls object they are in no position to argue. As the spanking continues, he unbuttons the back of her petticoat, exposing a beautifully pink behind. We're also treated to some close-ups of her tearful face, and flaming ass cheeks.

Finally, she's excused & forced to stand in the corner with her nose to the wall -- no rubbing! Mr. Johnson turns his attention to Julia; he tells her that the spanking she just witnessed is NOTHING compared to the spanking he's going to give her. Without much more adieu, he turns her over his knee and spanks her thru her petticoat. She tries to block with her hand, so he holds it behind her back, and keeps her firmly in place as she squirms & whimpers beneath him.

Of course, he unbuttons her slip, too, and admires the redness of her ass before continuing the spanking. I love how Mr. Johnson is so unflinchingly stern, so fully invested in disciplining these girls. Julia's spanking until now has been pretty comparable to Susan's, but then he warns "OK, this is the end, it's gonna be hard. Are you ready?"

He brings it home on Julia's ass, spanking furiously fast as she squeals and kicks and cries. He stands her up next to Susan, and they look like naughty little school girls standing against the wall, with their hot, pink butts glowing behind them. Mr. Johnson tells them to hold that pose for 30 minutes, at which time he'll come back for Part Two of their spanking, and introduce them to... The Ruler!

Thirty minutes later, the girls are bent over a desk, side-by-side, bare butts exposed. He asks them why they're being punished, and it's clear that Julia still has a lesson to learn. The ruler descends again and again, until finally Mr. Johnson counts off the last six smacks. He informs them their punishment isn't over yet, though: they still need to inform their family. Julia must tell her sister & brother-in-law, whom she lives with. As for Susan, he informs her that he knows her mom & would welcome the opportunity to speak with her personally.

There's a nice scene where the girls walk home together thru a forest, and take turns inspecting each other's red butt cheeks. Julia confesses that her brother-in-law spanks her sister... oh no, could our girl be in for another spanking? Happily, she is!

Her brother-in-law takes her into an *actual* woodshed -- which is just perfect -- and administers a sound strapping to her already pink bottom. Fantastic lighting, here, lots of natural daylight to illuminate every shade of pinkness.

"It hurts so much!"
"It's SUPPOSED to hurt!"

His strap falls again and again upon her bare bottom, and then coldly sends her inside to help her sister with dinner.

Cut to Susan's home, where her mother is rolling dough on a cozy kitchen counter... Susan tells her mother about the cheating, the punishment, and how her teacher, Paul Johnson, spanked her.

Paul Johnson? Mother knows the name, and she is pissed! She tells her daughter she's going to give him a piece of her mind, but not before she tans her daughter's hide. She bends Susan over a bench, pulls up her skirt, yanks down her petticoat, and then paddles her daughter's bare ass till her cheeks look like two big round red bullseyes.

Afterwards, Mother heads out to have a little chat with Mr. Johnson. Apparently, she and this man knew each other when they were younger, and at some point they "had words" and she's clearly still angry about it. Her daughter warns her, "Mom, be careful, he's really mean," and she replies, "It's Mr. Johnson that better be careful..."

Oh! Of course we all know where this is going, but lemme tell ya, this is one sweet payoff. The actors who play the mother & Mr. Johnson have a real rapport, and this scene builds very nicely. Look past the wooden dialog, to the part where he puts his hands on her shoulders ("Do you really hate me?") -- the calm determination in his eyes is magnetic.

I appreciated, too, the tenderness apparent in their last scene, after her spanking, when they appear to pick up where they left off many years ago. Most of all, though, I got off on the fantastic spanking he gives her, from the very first bare-handed spanks over her skirt, as she confronts him defiantly about her past behavior (their rap is that good!).

He uses a paddle on her, too. Leans her against the wall, pulls up her skirt to reveal big, blousy bloomers, which he spanks once, and then unbuttons down the middle to give us a look of her blushing butt. She makes such a fuss, he takes out the switch. You should see her butt quiver in anticipation of the six strokes he metes out!

The two share a "moment" when it's all over, and Susan's mother can't seem to believe she's still even talking to this man. "The last thing I want is a man in my life who believes in spanking!"

To which Mr. Johnson replies, "Maybe it's the last thing you want, but it's the thing you need most."

Good point, Mr. Johnson.

And damn good spanking movie, Spanking Epics!

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