Mandy Muse

Mandy Muse

Mandy Muse was recruited into porn by a marine who asked her to appear in a scene for a uniform- fetish website. That's not your usual "how I got into porn" story, but then again, Mandy Muse is not your usual star.

She grew up in Orange County, California, and experienced a sexual awakening once she lost her virginity at the age of 12. "I went balls deep. I realized that I really liked having sex after that time. I with friends and learned I really liked getting finger banged," she told Adult DVD Talk's Captain Jack. Indeed, she has also said she was intimate with more than 100 men prior to joining the industry.

Her entry into porn came when her threesome with two marines was interrupted by a third serviceman. "I told my friends to give him my number, which they did. He asked me if I wanted to do a scene with him and I was down. I just wanted to make sure no one would find out," she said. This first scene led to nude modeling and additional porn scenes, the sum of which helped her get a 2016 AVN Fan Award nomination for Hottest Newcomer. She's also won some more unusual awards, including Spank Bank's "Most Flawless Usage of Booty as a Car Washing Device."

Muse has jokingly called herself a "dick wizard" and claimed in an interview with New Sensations that she can figure out certain aspects of a man's habits just by tasting his semen. "I can tell how you eat and how often you have sex," she said. (The consistency and texture dictates how much sex you have, and the taste indicates how you eat, according to Muse.) She also says she has a daddy fetish (it's what she typically thinks about when she masturbates) and considers doggie style her favorite position.

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